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Telephonics partners with EIT, Inc. on US Air Force AWACS Program

Telephonics relies on EIT, Inc. to produce the highest quality boards for use in the company’s Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) products. AWACS is an integrated system used by the US Air Force, designed to carry out surveillance and C2BM (Command and Control + Battle Management) functions. In these mission-critical applications, only the very best will do, which is why demanding contractors like Telephonics trust EIT, Inc. to supply ultra high quality assembly, on time and within budget.



Horiba’s Innovative MFF Instrument Wins Prestigious R&D 100 Award

EIT, Inc. produces the highly specialized LED PCB used in the Horiba Jobin Yvon MFF (Multi-Frequency Flourometer). The MFF was recently named the winner of the R&D 100 Award, sponsored by R&D Magazine. This prestigious award has been described as the “Oscar” of Invention by the Chicago Tribune. With this award, the MFF joins such groundbreaking products as anti-lock brakes, the fax machine, ATM, and liquid crystal displays. The MFF is an instrument using patented technology to instantaneously acquire data on the molecular behavior of substances such as cells, nanodevices, and research materials. It is orders of magnitude faster than the nearest competing device and opens up new frontiers in research science. Horiba’s engineers trust EIT, Inc. to produce boards to the highest quality standards, and we’re proud to have played a role in this amazing new product’s introduction!

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